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Pilates Tower vs. Reformer A Side By Side Comparison

Pilates Tower vs. Reformer: A Side By Side Comparison

Pilates is a popular exercise focusing on strength, flexibility, and body awareness. When practicing Pilates, you can use two standard pieces of equipment: the Tower and the Reformer. These two machines offer effective workouts but have distinct features and benefits that cater to different preferences and fitness goals.

In this article, you will see a brief comparison of these two Pilates machines to help you decide which one suits you best. You will also learn about the Pilates Reformer with Tower, a combination of the two machines that will help you enhance your workout routine.


Pilates Tower

An attempt to develop a smaller variant of the Cadillac equipment led to the creation of the Tower in the 1980s. The Tower is an attachment-rich vertical Pilates exercise machine ideal for full-body workouts. This equipment comes with the following parts:

  • arm and leg springs
  • pull/push-through bars
  • roll-down bars

Plus, you can use the Tower on its own. Or, if you want, combine it with a Reformer. As a result, you can have a more versatile machine, the Pilates Reformer with Tower.


Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer machine is a spring-powered equipment resembling a bed and a moveable carriage. The shoulder blocks support your upper body as the carriage moves down the frame's tracks. You can adjust the foot bar at the end depending on the activity.

Depending on the exercise, you can adjust the number of springs used. For example, leg motions call for more springs than ab and arm workouts. By keeping your body in its natural alignment, a reformer may safely lengthen your muscles and tendons without putting undue strain on your joints.


Pilates Tower vs. Reformer: Benefits and Features

Using a Tower or a Reformer provides numerous benefits for various fitness goals and experience levels, yet some differences can guide you in choosing the ideal machine.

Exercise Intensity and Focus

  • Tower: Usually, the Tower provides training that focuses on particular muscle groups. For example, the push-through bar stretches your upper body and spine intensely.
  • Reformer: Offers a more active, comprehensive exercise for the whole body. Using a reformer will also help you develop core strength to stabilize the moving carriage.

Flexibility and Stretching

  • Tower: The Tower's permanent design is stable. Because of this build, this machine is ideal for training flexibility and deeper stretches.
  • Reformer: If you want to focus on strengthening and toning, the Reformer is ideal. You can also use this machine to improve flexibility as you exercise with the straps and footbar.

Level Suitability

  • Tower: The Tower is easier to use for beginners. This machine has a stationary nature. Because of this arrangement, you can concentrate on the finer points of each movement.
  • Reformer: Complete beginners may find the balanced body Reformer more challenging. The main reason for this difficulty is the moving carriage. But by following proper instructions and frequent practice, you may find it fun and rewarding.

Space Requirements

  • Tower: You need to attach the Tower to a wall so it’s more stable. Because of this arrangement, this equipment will mainly consume one side of a room.
  • Reformer: Reformers are more extensive, but they are mobile. With that feature, you can store them vertically and fit limited space.

Versatility and Variety

  • Tower: This Pilates machine has vertical springs. As a result, you can have a more comprehensive motion range. But, you may notice that gravity is also frequently used extensively in Tower workouts.
  • Reformer: The Reformer is adaptable for various exercises that target different muscle groups, including the legs, arms, and core.


  • Tower: Towers are generally more expensive than Reformers, with a minimum price of $1000-$2000.
  • Reformer: A Pilates Reformer for sale is a better choice if you are budget-conscious. Pilates beginners and studio owners who need more than one exercise machine will benefit more from buying this equipment first.


Advantages of Using Pilates Reformer with Tower

If you're deciding between a Tower and a Reformer, the Pilates Reformer with Tower combines the best of both. This clever equipment allows you to engage your entire body in various Pilates movements. Here are some of the advantages you can experience using this machine:

Enhanced Core Strength

Increasing one's core strength is a significant advantage of using this equipment. This machine aids core strength training and general stability by focusing on the deep abdominal muscles. You need a solid core to avoid back pain, maintain balance, and stand up straight.

Improved Flexibility and Posture

Exercises done with this machine can help with flexibility and posture issues when done regularly. If you suffer from back discomfort or poor posture, you may find relief by using this equipment. Also, you can exercise to improve spinal alignment and increase body awareness.

More Pilates Exercises

Compared to more conventional Pilates equipment, the one with a Reformer and a Tower provides the following:

  • A broader range of motions
  • Letting you work out more muscle groups in less time
  • Various exercises to tailor your workouts to your specific requirements and tastes


Choose the Right Pilates Equipment for Your Needs

Choosing between the Pilates Tower and Reformer requires careful consideration of your preferences, goals, and lifestyle factors. If you value versatility, core stability, and ample space, the Pilates Tower is your optimal choice. But if you need space efficiency, scalability, and ease of use, checking out a Pilates Reformer is a good alternative.

Do you want the best of both worlds? Check out this Pilates Reformer with Tower that offers a more dynamic and comfortable approach to your workout!


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