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What Equipment Do You Need For Pilates

What Equipment Do You Need For Pilates

A rigorous Pilates workout can help you achieve your body goals quickly. You can do Pilates workouts at home or the gym in various ways. However, you need specialized equipment that suits your style and preference for a more effective result.

With so many options in the market, choosing the best equipment for you can take time and effort. This article will help you decide by discussing different types of Pilates equipment. It will also discuss the top brands and their essential features.


Essential Equipment for Pilates

There are two fundamental equipment used for Pilates exercises.

1. Mat Work

Workouts focusing on building strength and flexibility need mat work, including Pilates. A quality Pilates mat should be comfortable and support you during floor exercises. This is perfect if you're the type to do Pilates at home. If you're shopping for a mat, choosing a slightly thicker material for extra cushioning is best.

2. Apparatus-Based Pilates

This type of Pilates needs specialized equipment to intensify the workout. Unlike mats, this Pilates workout includes devices like:

Reformers: These are crucial Pilates equipment for many workouts. Various exercises are possible with its carriage, springs, and attachments. The Reformer aims to make you more flexible, tone your muscles, and improve your core. People of all fitness levels can use it because it’s customizable.

Cadillac: The Cadillac is also called the Trapeze Table. This is a complete piece of equipment with a raised mat, different bars, and spring attachments. It has many routines that can help you get stronger, more flexible, and better at keeping your balance. The Cadillac is particularly beneficial for targeting specific muscle groups. It also provides a full-body workout.

Chairs: The Pilates Chair is a small but powerful piece of equipment designed to challenge stability and strength. It usually has a padded seat and wheels with different spring settings. The Chair is great for working out the arms, legs, and core, which makes it a great addition to Pilates workouts.

Barrels: Using Pilates Barrels, like the Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector, can help your back be more flexible and enhance your balance. During strengthening and stretching routines, these barrel-shaped tools provide support. These exercises are beneficial if you want to fix back problems and improve your general spinal health.

Towers: Often attached to the Reformer, the Tower makes Pilates workouts more flexible. It has bars, springs, and other accessories for several workouts. The Tower is about getting stronger, more flexible, and more aware of your body. Suitable for beginners and experts.

You usually see this equipment at the gym, but they are also perfect for Pilates at home. Just make sure to have enough space!


Top Pilates Equipment

Now that you know the fundamentals of Pilates, here is the list of equipment you should consider:

1. Aluminum Reformer Mentor

The Aluminum Reformer Mentor is a strong and versatile apparatus for complete Pilates workouts. Aluminum construction and steel wheels make it long-lasting, and the sleek design allows it to fit anywhere. The structure of the Aluminum Reformer Mentor comes with a 10-year warranty, while a 2-year warranty covers the other parts.


  • Hexagonal profile mini tower with adjustable pulleys
  • "Quick release" foot bar mechanism with seven positions
  • Ultra-quiet trolley with eight polyurethane wheels
  • High-quality alloy springs with three levels of resistance
  • Adjustable headrest and removable mat for added convenience



  • Length: 102"
  • Width: 29.5"
  • Bed Height: 15.7"

Jumping Board

  • Length: 25.5"
  • Width: 22.6"


  • Length: 37.9"
  • Width: 24"

With a weight of 176 pounds (excluding accessories), it offers stability without compromising portability.

2. Basi System Cadillac/Trapeze Table

The Cadillac-Trapeze Table from the Basi System is a balanced body reformer that can be adjusted and used in many ways. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has spring resistance settings for a smooth, quiet carriage ride. The Cadillac has four ports that make adding the F2 System updates easy and features silicon wheels for swift and effortless mobility.


  • Premium non-slip antibacterial vinyl upholstery for enhanced hygiene and comfort
  • Padded easy-grip covering for stability during exercises
  • Industry-leading longest and widest mat table for optimal workout space
  • Highly adjustable springs for a customized and versatile workout
  • Three extension leg height options to suit different studio spaces

Included Accessories:

  • Trapeze, Extension Leg Set (short), Foot Platform
  • 2 Shoulder Rests, 2 Handles (Rubber), 2 Pulleys, 2 Ropes, 1 Foot Strap
  • 2 Handles (Neoprene), 2 Handles (Aluminum), 2 Fuzzies, 1 Swing, 1 Safety Strap
  • 1 Leg Strap, 1 Roll Down Bar, 4 Stoppers, 1 Push-through Bar
  • Springs for Reformer and Combo Trapeze


Wooden frame

  • Width: 27.5"
  • Length: 98.4"
  • Height: 10.24”

With trapeze

  • Width: 28.4"
  • Length: 100"
  • Height: 71.7"

With extension leg (tall)

  • Medium height: 7.6"
  • Height: 87”

3. Basi Systems Reformer Combo

The Basi Systems Reformer Combo is designed to save room while allowing smooth movement. It has an Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) that lets you change the angle of the pulleys and can be used as a Reformer. Switching between a Tower and a Cadillac is simple with the Reformer Combo.


  • Aircraft-quality aluminum tracks for smooth carriage movement
  • Longest and widest carriage in the industry
  • Enhanced Pulley System for precise spring setting options
  • Equipped with four ports for the F2 System upgrade
  • Silicon wheels for quick mobility

Included Accessories:

  • Trapeze, Mat Conversion, Extension Leg Set (short), Foot Platform
  • 2 Yellow Springs, 1 Blue Spring, 3 Red Springs (for Reformer)
  • 2 Yellow Springs, 2 Long Yellow Springs, 2 Blue Springs, 2 Red Springs, 2 Black Springs, 2 Purple Springs (for Combo Trapeze)


Wooden frame

  • Width: 27.5" 
  • Length: 98.4" 
  • Height: 7.9" 

With trapeze

  • Width: 28.4"
  • Length: 100"
  • Height: 71.7"


  • Width: 27.6", 
  • Length: 31"
  • Height: 2.36"

Mat conversion 

  • Width: 27.5"
  • Length: 57"
  • Height: 2.36" 

4. Jumpboard

The Jumpboard is a useful addition to Pilates workouts, providing a stable surface for dynamic movements. It gives you a new way to add cardiovascular exercises to your routines while following Pilates concepts.


  • Low-impact cardio with Pilates principles
  • Strengthening lower body muscles
  • Enhanced flexibility and balance
  • Versatile exercises for various fitness levels

Usage Tips:

  • Secure placement on the Reformer
  • Proper foot positioning for stability
  • Gradual progression in intensity
  • Consultation with instructors for personalized routines

5. Tower System

The Tower System is an apparatus that enhances the capabilities of the Reformer. This system consists of vertical poles with attached springs to allow a broader range of exercises and variations.


  • Increased resistance options
  • Versatility in arm and leg exercises
  • Expanded repertoire for intermediate and advanced practitioners
  • Targeted muscle engagement and strengthening

Usage Guidelines:

  • Proper adjustment of spring tension
  • Gradual progression from basic to advanced exercises
  • Consultation with instructors for personalized routines

6. Trapeze Table Springs

Table Springs are important for adding resistance to Cadillac or Trapeze Table movements. To make a custom and effective workout, you need to know the types of springs and the resistance your body needs.

Types of Springs:

  • Yellow Springs: Low resistance
  • Blue Springs: Medium resistance
  • Red Springs: High resistance
  • Long Yellow Springs: Extended length for specific exercises
  • Black Springs: Intense resistance
  • Purple Springs: Maximum resistance for advanced practitioners
  • Maintenance Tips:

    • Periodic inspection for wear and tear
    • Lubrication for smooth functioning
    • Replacement every two years for optimal tension and safety

    7. Handles and Straps

    Pilates equipment requires handles and straps for grip and support. To have a safe and effective workout, you must know the different types and how to use them correctly.

    Types of Handles and Straps:

    • Rubber Handles: Soft and comfortable grip
    • Neoprene Plastic Handles: Durable and resistant to wear
    • Aluminum Handles: Lightweight and sturdy

    Proper Grip Techniques:

    • Firm grip without excessive tension
    • Correct placement for optimal muscle engagement
    • Regular inspection for signs of wear

    8. Pilates Ropes

    Working out with Pilates ropes is more effective because they add resistance and help to create different routines. For a smooth Pilates experience, you need to know the different types of exercises and how to take care of your Pilates ropes.

    Types of Exercises: 

    • Arm exercises for toning and strength
    • Leg exercises for targeted muscle engagement
    • Core exercises for stability and balance

    Care and Maintenance:

    • Inspection for fraying or damage
    • Cleaning with mild detergent and water
    • Replacement if signs of wear are evident

    9. Foot Bar Mechanism

    The Foot Bar Mechanism on a Pilates Reformer is a versatile component that enhances the variety of exercises available. Understanding its functions and proper usage ensures an effective Pilates experience.

    Functions and Benefits:

    • Horizontal and vertical movement for varied exercises
    • Enhanced leg and foot positioning options
    • Facilitates smooth transitions between exercises

    Usage Tips:

    • Correct adjustment for individual comfort
    • Lubrication for smooth movement
    • Regular inspection for wear or damage

    10. Reformer Box

    The Reformer Box is an extra piece of equipment that helps you get into the right position and alignment for Pilates movements. Adding it to your routine can make your workout safer and more comfortable.

    Role of the Reformer Box:

    • Support for spinal alignment
    • Assistance in achieving correct posture
    • Versatility in exercises for different muscle groups

    Usage Tips:

    • Proper placement for stability
    • Integration into the mat and apparatus-based exercises
    • Cleaning and maintenance for longevity


    How to Choose the Right Pilates Equipment

    Choosing the right equipment depends on your fitness goals and personal preferences. Hiring a Pilates instructor for advice can also help you make smart decisions.

    Factors to Consider:

    • Fitness goals and skill level
    • Available space and storage considerations
    • Consultation with Pilates instructors for personalized recommendations

    Tailoring Equipment Choices:

    • Adapting equipment to individual needs
    • Gradual progression with advanced apparatus
    • Modifying routines based on personal preferences

    Importance of Instructor Guidance:

    • Seeking professional advice for equipment selection
    • Understanding proper usage and form
    • Customizing workouts for maximum benefits


    Start Your Pilates Workouts Today!

    There are many health perks to doing Pilates as an all-around exercise routine. Fundamentally, this exercise is a powerful way to improve core strength, a key factor affecting many areas of physical health. Pilates also builds flexibility and sculpts a lean body with regulated movements.

    So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your fitness journey today by checking out our best pilates equipment.

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