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Reform Your Muscles

Basi System Cadillac/Trapeze Table-(grey)-short leg


Effortless Movement - Infinite Adjustability

The BASI Systems Cadillac provides unprecedented adjustability. With the largest mat in the industry and fine-tuning control of spring positioning, it offers ultimate precision, flexibility and comfort. The Cadillac comes with four prepared ports to easily accommodate the F2 System upgrade. 


- Aircraft quality aluminum for smooth, quiet push-through bar and trapeze movement and spring setting
- Premium comfort with orthopedic cushioning and non-slip antibacterial vinyl
- Padded easy-grip covering on push-through bar and trapeze swing
- The longest and the widest mat table in the industry
- Highly adjustable and precise spring placement options
- Three extension leg height options available to suit your studio space
- Equipped with four ports to accommodate the F2 System
- Equipped with silicon wheels for quick & easy mobility
- Patent: US 10,393,163 B2 


Trapeze, Extension Leg Set (tall)


1 Leg Strap
1 Foot Strap
1 Safety Strap
4 Handles (Neoprene)
2 Handles (Aluminum)
2 Fuzzies
1 Swing
1 Roll Down Bar
1 Push-through Bar


2 Yellow Springs
2 Long Yellow Springs
2 Blue Springs
2 Red Springs
2 Black Springs
2 Purple Springs
20 Carabiners


Wooden frame with trapeze table width 27.5” (70 cm.) / length 98.4” (250 cm.) / height 10.24” (26 cm.)
With trapeze width 28.4” (72 cm.) / length 100” (254 cm.) / height 71.7” (182 cm.)
With extension leg (tall) height 87” (221 cm.) med height7.6" (19.3)
Weight 332.1 lb (151 kg.)

Basi System Cadillac/Trapeze Table-(grey)-short leg

Basi System Cadillac/Trapeze Table-(grey)-short leg


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