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Game-Changer Reformer Accessories

Game-Changer Reformer Accessories for Your Home Workout

Working on your Pilates doesn’t always have to be the same old crunch and planks exercises. If you need a challenge in your routine, you can level up your workout using a Reformer Pilates machine. You can also use accessories and other Pilates equipment. But with so many options, choosing the best Reformer accessory for your routine is important. 

This article will discuss eight Reformer accessories and Pilates equipment you can add to your routine. You will also learn the benefits of doing Pilates at home. So, if you want to create better home workouts, you're in the right place.


Benefits of Home Pilates Workouts

Before going into the specific accessories, know the many benefits of incorporating Pilates into your home workout routine.

Creates a Comfortable and Personalized Environment

Working out at home removes the potential discomfort associated with crowded fitness gyms. You can create a personalized and comfortable workout space. This can foster a positive mindset that helps plenty in achieving your goals.

You can set up a space dedicated to your Pilates routine with your mat and other fitness equipment. This also allows you to decorate and create a specific ambiance.

Offers Convenience and Flexibility

One of the primary advantages of doing Pilates at home is its convenience. You can tailor your workout schedule to fit into your daily routine. This makes it easier to be consistent in your Pilates workout.

Whether you have a busy workday or would rather work out late at night, this can help you prioritize your health without sacrificing other obligations.


Compared to studio lessons, Pilates workouts at home are more affordable. If you have the right equipment, you can get Pilates benefits without paying a lot for a class membership.

The original equipment cost is necessary but nothing compared to the ongoing session costs. This financial benefit makes Pilates more available to people in your home.

Freedom to Try New Things

Unlike shared exercise centers, you can try different setups in your home. You can change your workout environment to improve your Pilates experience.

You also have the freedom to experiment with your surroundings, whether you like the calm of a nature-inspired background or the energy of upbeat music.

Inclusivity for All Fitness Levels and Capabilities

The inclusivity of home Pilates makes it an ideal choice for households with varying fitness levels. Nobody in the family has to be afraid to try Pilates because everyone can do it at their own pace.

This is also perfect for members with special cases or disabilities. Seated Pilates exercises increase core strength and posture, promoting physical health for people with limited mobility.


Reformer Accessories and Pilates Equipment

Now, see the game-changer Pilates reformer machine accessories and equipment that can level up your home workouts.

1. Spine Corrector

Using the Spine Corrector involves sitting on its curved surface and adjusting the spine. Pilates moves performed on it focus on rotating and stretching the spine. This will improve general posture and body awareness. Making the spine more flexible and strengthening the core muscles. Using the F2 System makes these workouts more precise and adaptable.


  • Compatibility with Various Pilates Equipment: Springs can be attached to multiple ports and on reformers, Cadillacs, barrels, chairs, and spine correctors.
  • Wrist and Shoulder Support: Spine correctors with the F2 system have a wrist and shoulder alignment as handles. This is a great help during weight-bearing activities.
  • Easy Upgrade Process: Most Reformers come with prepared ports, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade to the F2 System. Remove the port cover and insert the F2 socket.

2. Ped a Pull

With the Ped a Pull, you can change the settings for the springs to get the right amount of resistance for seated or standing Pilates routines. This accessory's natural design ensures that the core, arms, and legs are in the right place. You can change how the Ped a Pull works for your body to improve balance, stability, and power. The Ped a Pull also features a patented design, making it unique and effective.


  • Ergonomic Design: This accessory's ergonomic base allows seated and standing Pilates motions.
  • Optional Seat: Accessibility from the optional seat increases your exercise options. The height is adjustable and can be rotated out of the way when not in use. 

3. Incline Weight Training Machine

The incline weight training machine can handle various exercise levels, so new and experienced users can use it. It can be used for improving muscle size, tone, or recovery. The guided weight training method encourages good form, reducing the risk of injury. This, in turn, makes the training more effective overall.


  • Applicable to age 8 and above: The transition from one exercise to the next with low-impact, fluid movements makes the equipment suitable for users aged 8-80.
  • Accommodates different workouts: This system accommodates various workout styles, including cardio, strength training, stretching, Pilates, and circuit training.
  • Total Body Workout: This targets your chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms, and abs.

4. AeroPilates Reformer

Using the AeroPilates Reformer involves lying on the platform and using elastic resistance cords for Pilates movements. This equipment enhances strength, flexibility, and endurance. It also promotes weight loss, body composition, and core stability. Body posture will also improve once this equipment becomes part of your routine.


  • Resistance Elastic Cords: With heavy-duty elastic bungee cords, the reformer offers smooth, adaptable resistance for all skill levels.
  • Design for Comfort: Movement is comfortable on the reformer's large platform, with high-density foam shoulder cushions, adjustable headrests, and foam grips.

5. Core Sliders

The Core Slider is an excellent choice for workouts targeting specific body muscles. With their dual-sided disc design, these sliders allow you to glide smoothly on the surface. This equipment offers an effective workout without burpees or heavy lifting. You can use Core Sliders under your hands or feet to do core and full-body exercises like mountain climbers.


  • Multi-Surface Use: The dual-sided disc design lets you glide on most surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and gym floors.
  • Portable: With a compact design, these core sliders are perfect for building abdominal strength anywhere. Each slider has a 7" diameter, making this equipment travel-friendly.
  • Total Body Toning: The sliders target your core, upper, and lower body muscles during low-impact activities like Pilates or barre.

6. Resistance Loop Bands

Their high-quality construction and different resistance amounts are great for people of all fitness levels. Loop Bands are used in squats and lunges. They boost strength and endurance for resistance exercise. This Pilates accessory also improves flexibility and joint stability, making it useful for home training.


  • Multiple Uses: Physical therapists often recommend these bands for rehabilitation. These bands work well for individuals with leg, knee, and back injuries.
  • Great with Any Workout: These resistance bands can integrate with various workout programs, including general exercise, stretching, strength training, and power weight programs.

7. Pilates Mini Exercise Ball

The Pilates Mini Exercise Ball is necessary for core strength, better posture, and back recovery. Use the Pilates Mini Exercise Ball in leg lifts and balance exercises to develop core muscles and improve balance. It is also suggested that you use this small yoga ball to help you heal from certain problems. This small yoga ball is designed to enhance your exercise and stability support wherever you are.


  • Safe Materials: Carefully chosen materials ensure the safety of this exercise ball. It is anti-burst and provides the perfect grip for barre or Pilates exercises.
  • Recommended by Specialists: The inflatable 9-inch Pilates ball is recommended by specialists for increased balance, core fitness, flexibility, and recovery from hip, knee, or sciatica issues.

8. F2 System

The F2 System is an accessory for Pilates enthusiasts that enables precise adjustment of reformer settings. This unique Pilates system gives users precise control over their workouts, making them exciting and challenging.  It's versatile and connects seamlessly with various Pilates tools. This contributes to enhanced strength, flexibility, and body awareness.


  • Precision over Spring Angle and Resistance: You can fine-tune your Pilates workouts with exact control over the spring angle and resistance settings.
  • Use of Multiple Systems at the Same Time: Using multiple F2 systems simultaneously creates a dynamic and challenging experience.


Choose Your Perfect Reformer Accessories Today!

Reformer accessories have completely transformed home workouts. From the precision of the ProBody Pilates Ring to the flexibility of the BASI F2 System, each piece of equipment enhances your Pilates experience.

No matter your fitness level, Reformer accessories let you shape your body, improve flexibility, and reach your fitness goals. So, don't wait; buy quality accessories and Pilates reformer equipment today.

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